The Bouregreg project is a 6,000Ha operation for the development of the Bouregreg river valley in its last section —including the mouth of the river— in Rabat. The global operation is envisaged as a new symbol of modernity and refined aesthetics but respectful to the history and the heritage both cultural and natural of the valley.

The Bouregreg Sequence 4 seats in the south east of Rabat, in Morocco, in the area between two meanders of the river. The area is flat on both sides of the river but topography rises towards the southern limit of the plot. The plot is limited there by a future road that runs along the area up to an elevation of 35m.

The development of the area includes an 18-hole golf course that will be set on both sides of the river also to prevent extraordinary flood events from affecting residential areas. The master plan also foresees a central urban area dedicated to a hotel, offices, commercial and residential apartments. The rest of the development along the golf course will be largely dedicated to townhouses, villas and a few apartment blocks.

While the areas dedicated to villas are placed at first-line golf views, the townhouses deal with the difficulty of bringing an added value to all plots based on other type of views. The proposal accurately analyses the topography in the plot to set a layout of successive banks to provide all houses with views to the valley, including the golf areas, the river and the long range views towards the west. Different types of houses are developed in each position within the street layout: upper, lower and flat define a position within the system and the corresponding specific accesses to the plot, the typology of gardens, etc.

Furthermore, the proposal explores a layout in which townhouses are gathering in clusters, creating different levels of belonging within the whole area. In this way, even if the final number of townhouses rises over 800, smaller neighbourhoods will be envisaged and even smaller clusters will ensure human scaled development.

The architecture of the different types of townhouses developed so far is drinking from both modern style and Moroccan tradition. Volumes are pure and simple but detailing and proportions remain a palatial tradition that will house the Moroccan medium and high class society of nowadays. The interior design is functional but, again, develops a modern Moroccan style, with traditional flavours on a modern basis of clear spaces, pure materials, and charming details.


Townhouses in Golf Residential Development


Bouregreg Sequence 4, Rabat, Morocco


Eagle Hills. Abu Dhabi.




Lagula Arquitectes

Main Collaborators

ECSA (Master Plan); Nick Laus (Golf Design); Arjitect+POD (Local Architect); Omnium/Artelia (Local Engineering).